Republic Day Celebrations

The 66th Republic Day anniversary was celebrated at Pathway Agro Farm for Children with great pomp and gaiety. The grand displays of talent by the children of the Pamela Martinez Matriculation School and Orphanage and children and adolescents of the Sabin Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Disabled were eye catching and awesome. Children of the Pamela Martinez School were seen to be rehearsing for this big day for almost a fortnight. They had prepared a long programme of nearly three hours to be presented on the eve of the Republic Day. Similarly, boys and girls of the Sabin Centre were also seen to be practicing many program which they were planning to showcase. On this special day the flag mast and the entire area was decorated with colourful buntings and tiny flags. Every child was found sporting a small Indian flag that was affixed on the lapel of their shirts.

The show started with an impressive march-past by nearly 250 children comprising of able and disabled children of the Farm. They marched with precision driven by a rhythmic band that was played by two senior boys. All the children in their neatly pressed clothes marched perfectly past the saluting base, As the national flag was unfurled there showered a copious sprinkling of petals of roses, jasmines and various flowers. This signaled the singing of national anthem which was rendered with great poise and decorum. Prasad taught the children that republic day celebrates the coming in to force of the constitution of India. He also encouraged children to watch the national telecast of the republic day parade and celebrations at New Delhi, where the honorable President of United States was the guest of honour, in the presence of our honorable Prime Minister and President of India..
The children of the Pamela Martinez Matriculation School and Orphanage presented a huge variety of program.They were dressed up beautifully and gave short speeches on the struggle of those days against the British rule. Boys and girls regaled the audience with humor and wit with their presentation of skits and dramas in faultless English and Tamil. The entire show was full of great educational value and truly delightful. The songs and dances presented by the children were particularly spectacular and grand.
The children with special needs from the Sabin Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Disabled did not lag behind in any sphere. They showcased highly enjoyable and loveable program comprising of songs and dances with the theme of patriotism. The skit featuring dances from different states was particularly noteworthy.
After nearly three hours of entertainment and joy, all the children, staff, and invitees were treated to a grand feast.

Republic day was celebrated at Pathway, Chennai in a grand manner. There was feverish excitement in the children as many of them were ready to present a colorful program. Beena was dressed up as mother India, Divya and many other girls were dressed up in their white and colourful chiffons ready to dance to the patriotic tunes selected for the occasion. As the children were called to attention, Sudha Subramaniam was requested to unfurl the national flag. With this the children, staff and everyone assembled sang the national anthem in unison. Children dressed as Gandhi, Nehru, and other great patriots passed by, drawing resounding claps from all assembled. culminating in praising and offering obeisance to Mother India. The event came to a close with distribution of sweets.