Mid January is an important time in Tamil Nadu, so also for Pathway. The harvest festival falls typically on 14 January. This time the harvest brought great cheer in the hearts of everybody at the Pathway Agro Farm as plenty of rice and vegetables were harvested. This four day long Pongal festivel was celebrated with great fun and frolic by the children and staff of Pathway, Chennai, the Pamela Martinez Matriculation School & Orphanage and the Sabin Centre for the disabled. The first day Bhogi was celebrated by actively cleaning thoroughly living quarters and surroundings. Boys and girls sang and danced around a bonfire using agricultural waste and firewood, which brought warmth during the last lap of ‘winter’. On the second day, Pongal was celebrated by boiling in earthenware pot newly harvested rice in milk, . Children were offered this sweet dish with coconut, sugarcane and bananas. The third day, known as mattupongal, was celebrated with decorating the cows and calves with multi- colored beads, tinkling bells, sheaves of corn, and flower garlands. The entire atmosphere was festive with full of fun revelry. Children joined in painting the cow’s horns with bright attractive colours. The fourth day, Kanum Pongal, was celebrated by enjoying delicious food and playing games in the open with great fellowship. In all, Pongal was a celebration of gratitude to The Lord for His bountiful blessings.