Volunteer Program

Pathway’s paid volunteer program allows volunteers to make a lasting difference in the lives of orphans and students with disabilities in Chennai. Service opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Mentoring children and working with children with disabilities
  • Contributing to specific service projects in villages
  • Assisting in cooking and preparing meals
  • Helping in minor construction
  • Upgrading the library or computer lab
  • Becoming an advocate in your community
  • Serving as a college campus representative

The program also includes vast cultural experiences. These include eating authentic Indian cuisine, doing yoga classes, taking day trips for sightseeing/shopping, attending cultural events, and taking Indian culinary classes. Pathway offers the unique opportunity to visit and volunteer with friends, as a single individual, as a married couple, and even as a family. The students, staff, and community at large leave a powerful impression on the hearts of all those who visit and serve. You have the opportunity to change the lives of children who truly benefit from your love, talents, and service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can come?

A: Pathway welcomes volunteers from all over the world. Men and women above the age of 18 years with good health are welcome. Families and groups are also welcome to volunteer.

Q: What immunization should I get?

A: You need to acquire appropriate immunizations before your trip to India. Please consult your doctor for a full and relevant list of immunizations. The following are suggested: Malaria, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid. Additionally, we also recommended that you purchase travel and health insurance.

Q: What do I do as I arrive in India?

A: You will arrive at Chennai (Madras) airport and representatives from Pathway will be at hand to receive you and safely transfer you. Please provide your details of arrival as well as full flight details, before hand.

Q: Do I need a visa?

A: You will need to apply for a Tourist visa to visit India at one of the Indian Embassies/Consulates in your country. Pathway will provide you basic information needed to file the application.

Q: What accommodation and facilities are available?

A: Pathway offers you comfortable accommodations with all basic amenities from the moment you arrive, however, for your convenience we suggest that you bring toiletries.

Q: Will I have access to a telephone and the Internet?

A: Yes, Pathway has dedicated high-speed internet connections and a cell tower for mobile phones that makes it absolutely well connected. You are welcome to use phones that are locally available, your mobile phones may not work here and it can be pretty expensive. You are welcome to use WIFI and Skype using your own equipment.

Q: Where can I change money and how much money will I need during my stay?

A: Currencies can be easily changed everywhere in the city of Chennai and in most other larger cities of India, in airports or in exchange counters. ATMs are available all the over the city and easily accessible. Further, you are suggested to readily keep $50-$100 for doing minor shopping for a week or two in the city.

Q: In case of emergency whom should I contact?

A: You will be provided contact telephone numbers to contact in case of emergency.

Q: Is it safe to eat and drink water?

A: You will be provided with three meals prepared hygienically at Pathway everyday. The water that is supplied to you is safe. You are requested to avoid eating or drinking outside food.

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