Thanks to the Supporters of Pathway

Over the years, Pathway has gained many great supporters. Below are pictures and descriptions of those who have been so generous with their time and means in helping Pathway grow.


Prasads with Michael Farine, Drawings and Sponsorships EMMAUS, Berne, Switzerland. Has been helping Pathway generously for over 25 year, till date. DS EMMAUS assists organization in many countries of the world serving the poorest of the poor.


With Representatives of Lutheran World Federation (LWF), Geneva. LWF has assisted Pathway generously to serve the children with special needs ” Picture: Barbara Knowles of LWF


Prasad with Ruby Ponniah and S Santiago, India representative of BH Misereor ev. Aachen, Germany a Roman Catholic Organization, supported Pathway to build its vocational training and residential centre at Koothavakkam.


Government and people of Japan assisted Pathway with sizable support to equip and furnish the new building for the disabled at Chennai. Photographs of grant ceremony, present (left to right)
The councilĀ General of Japan, Prasad, Vice Counsel General of Japan: Eri Kitagawa, Ruby Ponniah and Chandra Prasad


The Lutheran World Federation and the United Evangelical Lutheran Churches of India supported Pathway with generous assistance along with LWF, Geneva. Present: Dr K Rajarathnam, General Secretary UELCI and professor at Madras University.


Along with representatives of BH Misereor ev. Aachen, Germany a Roman Catholic Organization, supported Pathway to build its vocational training and residential centre at Koothavakkam. Present grant ceremony: Archbishop of Madras – Mylapore Dr Casamir Gnanadikam,SJ, with Prasad, Chandra Prasad and Ruby Ponniah

Featured Student: Jude Jeremiah

Jude Jeremiah, one of three brothers with a single mother, has dealt with challenging family dynamics while maintaining his focus on education and values. He is a serious-minded young man with talents for music and leadership, and is the President-elect of the newly formed Pathway Alumni Association. He will graduate next year from Vivekananda College with a B.A. in English Literature.

Pathway Alumni Association

There was bonhomie and great cheer amongst former graduates of the Pamela Martinez School as they trooped in the halls of Pathway, Chennai. The joyous occasion was to establish the Pathway Alumni Association (PAA). The association was inaugurated recently at Pathway in the presence of several former graduates who were excited to come together. PAA was formed with an aim and objective to bring together all the former graduates. The purpose was to create a continued fellowship amongst the members and to offer succor to young men and women as they navigated in their lives.

Jude Jeremiah was elected as the president, Saravanan as the Secretary and Esther as the treasurer. Surya, Vignesh, Akash, Manju, Binitha , Mercy, Raman and Laxmanan were elected as founder members. All office bearers were congratulated by (seated, front row) Dr. Prasad, Chandra Prasad, Dhuli Patnaik, and Sudha Subramaniam. They were also invited to join the association as guest members and advisors. The members made many suggestions to make PAA vibrant, successful, and meet regularly. Members unanimously agreed to contribute a fee that could be well utilized to assist members in dire need. Dr. Prasad urged members to extend their hand of support to all the children who have passed out from Pathway to join PAA, he encouraged members to reach out to needy children and bring them to the notice of Pathway so that required assistance could be extended. Further, he also requested members to help their alma mater by volunteering their time to offer service to children at Pamela Martinez School and Home for Children.