The Rocking Horse

Our patrons find our adult mentally handicap workers most sincere in furnishing their homes in style and in an unbelievably short time. We have been receiving appreciation letters that Pathway furniture is superbly well-finished, built to last and made available in a variety of styles. Articles manufactured include single and double cots, wardrobes, chest of […]


The children of Pathway and the Sabin Center for the Disabled have done it again!! This time they won the state golden cup for the best all-around performance in several areas. Punnagai is a state-wide event organized by the Rotary International. They invite children from all over the state for competition which can be quite […]

Featured Student: Jothilakshmi

Jothi is a promising tenth grade student who usually has a twinkle in her eye. Enthusiastic and lively, Jothi has become one of the organizers and teachers of the younger children in their weekly Primary meetings on Sundays. She is a friendly young lady who often helps other classmates with homework and communication, as well […]

Volunteer Musings: Alycia

I had wanted to go to India ever since I learned about the culture when I was in junior high school. After I graduated from high school, the timing just didn’t seem right and things always seemed to get in the way. Finally, this year, I decided I was going to make my dream of […]

The Art of Quilling

Rolling and shaping strips of paper has been around for centuries. Vocational mentally handicap children at Pathway Chennai have taken up the art of quilling with great dedication and patience. Chandra Prasad first observed quilled crafts during a local arts and crafts exhibition and wondered if this would provide the next new challenge to her […]

Village Outreach

For many years now Pathway has been running an outreach program in nearby villages to help the poor and disabled children living there. Originally, the Indian government began a therapy program for these destitute children, but after 5 years they decided to end it. Pathway skillfully stepped in and saved the program which is running […]

Featured Student: Gowri

Gowri is an enthusiastic young lady who joined Pathway in 2011 and is now in the tenth grade. Despite being older and more advanced when she was admitted, Gowri has fit in well and is consistently eager to participate, learn, and take advantage of the opportunities and education available at Pathway, often volunteering and cheerfully […]

Family Support Entreprenurship Program

It is often said that disabilities and poverty go hand in hand. This relationship impacts the lives of people all over the country, especially in rural areas where there are few and scant opportunities to earn a living. Realizing this, the organization has initiated Pathway Family Support Entrepreneur Program to assist poor adults with disabilities […]

Community Based Rehabilitation

Over 68% of India‚Äôs population of 1.2 billion is located in 600,000 villages scattered throughout the country. On average, the needs of the rural population differ from those of the urban for various reasons –contrasting socio-economic conditions, available occupations, access to healthcare, life ambitions, emphasis on schooling etc. Though mental and physicial disabilies occur in […]

Pathway Excellence Awards 2014

The Pathway Excellence award 2014 ceremony was recently convened in an inspiring yet simple event at the Pamela Martinez Matriculation School. Awards were conferred on 17 meritorious children belonging from rural Tamil Nadu. These children were especially identified as those who were not only the poorest of the poor, but those that had overcome tremendous […]