Featured Student: Jude Jeremiah

Jude Jeremiah, one of three brothers with a single mother, has dealt with challenging family dynamics while maintaining his focus on education and values. He is a serious-minded young man with talents for music and leadership, and is the President-elect of the newly formed Pathway Alumni Association. He will graduate next year from Vivekananda College […]

Pathway Alumni Association

There was bonhomie and great cheer amongst former graduates of the Pamela Martinez School as they trooped in the halls of Pathway, Chennai. The joyous occasion was to establish the Pathway Alumni Association (PAA). The association was inaugurated recently at Pathway in the presence of several former graduates who were excited to come together. PAA […]

Featured Student: Karan

Karan is an intense tenth grade student from a single parent family, whose younger brother James (seventh grade) is also a student at Pathway. In 2003 Karan’s mother felt that Pathway was the answer to her prayers as she grappled with what she should do to protect and educate her sons while she was working […]

Wedding Cards

The history of wedding cards makes interesting reading. Prior to the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in 1447, weddings in England were typically announced by means of a ‘ Town crier’ , a man who would walk through the streets announcing in a loud voice the news of the day. Traditionally, anyone […]

Rooftop Gardens

Like an oasis in a desert, this small patch of greenery in the concrete jungle of Chennai is a feast to the eyes. This bright spot is full of lush green plants, filled with flowers, fruits and foliage. Almost twenty years ago two young men, Bill Benac Jr and Tim Fews, visited Pathway to volunteer. […]

Water-bottle Jewelry

Ladies in India love gold and diamond jewelry and they are indeed expensive. Who has heard of making elegant and breathtaking jewelry made up of discarded water bottles? There is absolutely no dearth for raw material. Worldwide 7.5 million tons of PET (Polythylene Terephthalate) was recycled in 2011. Pathway collects discarded PET bottles and converts […]

Featured Student: Sumithra

Sumithra is a beautiful tenth grade girl who came to Pathway with her brother Chiranjeevi in 2002. With a winning smile and a lovely singing voice, Sumithra has helped teach the small children on Sundays. She excels in sports and particularly enjoys volleyball and running. Sumithra’s favorite subject is science, and she would like future […]


Mid January is an important time in Tamil Nadu, so also for Pathway. The harvest festival falls typically on 14 January. This time the harvest brought great cheer in the hearts of everybody at the Pathway Agro Farm as plenty of rice and vegetables were harvested. This four day long Pongal festivel was celebrated with […]

Republic Day Celebrations

The 66th Republic Day anniversary was celebrated at Pathway Agro Farm for Children with great pomp and gaiety. The grand displays of talent by the children of the Pamela Martinez Matriculation School and Orphanage and children and adolescents of the Sabin Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Disabled were eye catching and awesome. Children of […]

Featured Student: Monika

Monika is a responsible, self-directed ninth grade student.  Though small in stature, Monika has taken upon herself the big job of teaching weekend classes in values, songs, and stories to the younger Pathway students.  Also gifted in music, Monika learned to play the piano so she can accompany group singing.  A serious young lady, Monika’s […]