The Story of Maharishi Dadhichi

Pathway believes in giving comprehensive rehabilitation and education to all the special children it serves, hence another dimension of holistic approach using theatre as a medium has been utilized. Pathway joins hands with a wonderful organisation known as RASA to allow our children to grow in this sphere. Two hundred children from various special schools were drawn together to perform a mega event, based on stories drawn from Hindu mythology, at Narada Gana Sabha under the banner of JAYA.

Children of all ages had practised their part for nearly three months. As the event day dawned there was hectic activity. As usual, the older kids took care of the younger ones and finally after all the checks and rechecks of their baggage and snacks they boarded the bus to the city’s main theatre hall. Food, which is always their highlight of a usual day, was given the least importance. They constantly chattered and smiled as our cast of 20 children made their way to the make-up room to finally don the beautiful costumes which would transform them into the various characters. It was amazing to watch their confidence in whatever they do. The fear of stage was missing.

As their part of the programme, the children of pathway depicted the goodness of a “rishi” known as Dadhichi.

The brilliant portrayal of Lord Indra was enacted by Prabhu.  Vrinda, also known as the demon or Saurav, was played by Prasanna. The forest creatures were played by Mariya and Devi as peacocks, Srinidhi, Divya, Priya and Anitha as deters, and Prathap and Harish as parrots. The befitting role of Lord Brahma was enacted by Mohammed and Godess Saraswathi’s role was portrayed by Vani. The peasants were staged by Tamizmani, Karthik, Manoj, Sudeep and Anand. The other court kings of Lord Indra were played by Saravanan, Bharath, Gopi, Vaidhyanathan and Joseph. Madhavan, Murugappan, Venkat and Deva shared the role of the asura Vritra. The main central character Dadhichi  was astoundingly enacted by Subramani.

The precision in their movements and complete synchronised act of all the cast members evoked thunderous applause. After the event was over they proudly posed for photographs.