Physical, Mental, and Financial Stimuli

It was a great sight to witness as children of all ages were thrilled to see the arrival of brand new colourful play equipment at the Pamela Martinez school and Children’s Home. Thanks to the continued generosity of the State Bank of India for donating this play equipment which would bring great happiness in the hearts of hundreds of children.

Through this munificent support the organization procured the following play equipment: Rocking Chair, See-Saw four seater, a six seater Merry-Go-Round, Duck Merry-Go-Round with four seats, Horse Merry-Go-Round with four seats, 12 feet Roller Slide, Millipede, Flying Butterfly, Twister, Walker, four seater See-Saw, Hang N Rotor. In addition to these physical playthings, Pathway also procured several specialized teaching and demonstration models, experimental sets, and equipment in various branches of science to stimulate the gray matter of the children.


State Bank of India, touted to be the largest bank in the world (with network of largest number of branches), has been a constant and continuous supporter of Pathway. Previously the bank has donated funds to procure kitchen equipment, bakery equipment, an ambulance to offer community based rehabilitation in various villages, etc. A cheque was handed over to Prasad in a simple function by Mr Vidya Sagar, Regional Manager, State Bank of India, in the presence of Chandra Prasad, Sudha Subramaniam, M A Ramar, Dhuli Patnaiak, Dr Ravindranath and a host of officers from the Bank.