“Back to School”

Shilpa today is a young women of 23 years, bubbling, beautiful and confident, ready to face the world, willing to change lives of others, willing to meet challenges!! What brought this great transformation, what brought this drastic change from a shy, fidgeting, insecure and an introvert girl who joined Pathway in 2002? Shilpa is now eager to share with everybody this miracle.

She says “I was born in Kerala. My mother’s name is Mini and father is Padmakumar. I was told that my father abandoned the family when I was born, and we were in great poverty because of this. My mother was working as a nursing assistant and was in no position to take care of the family. My mother heard from one of her friends about Pathway. During a bright April morning, we visited Pathway at Chennai and met the director and director madam ( Prasads ). We immediately liked them and the place, as they showed great love, warmth and kindness. Soon my mother took me and admitted me in the Pamela Martinez School and Children’s Home at village Agili”.

“I was depressed and sad to be away from my mother, but soon I was embraced with open arms by many friends who showed great love, by the teachers at school, and by the warden and house mothers who readily shared their warm love. I now started enjoying living at Pathway and was admitted in third grade directly. Living in dorms at this wonderful place taught me many great things, it taught me discipline, humility, love, and above all love for God. Living here also helped me to learn to speak in English without fear or shyness. The chance to partake in extra-curricular activities changed my life for ever.

“After graduating from Pathway I attended a different school and a leading college, obtained my university graduation degree in zoology and biotechnology. and also certification from Institute of Airlines and Travel Agency (IATA). Now I am independent!!!”

Shilpa was thrilled when she received an invitation to volunteer at Pathway. She says “I am grateful to Pathway family and its directors (to whom she fondly refers as Mom & Dad, particularly to Sudha Subramaniam who has been a pillar of strength!!!) for giving me good education, health care, and everything. Now I see the children enjoying school, the play ground, the large library, the well equipped computer lab, etc. I take it on myself to explain to the children how blessed they are! I also tell them how the outside world is’. She adds “I believe Pathway is like a banyan tree and we are under this tree safe and secure. I am thankful for this golden opportunity to get back to my school to serve.”