Honoring C R Ranganayaki

With anguish and with a heavy heart we announce the passing away of Mrs C.R. RANGANAYAKI at age 99 years. She was absolutely healthy and active until very recently. Hailing from one of the prominent families of Chennai, she retired as a professor in physical education from a leading government college. She served Pathway for over 20 years as president, vice president, and most recently as trustee of the Dr Dathu Rao Memorial Charitable Trust, which is the Indian tax-exempt non-profit which holds Pathway’s funds. She was highly supportive of the work and mission of the organization, and loved the services rendered for the disabled and poor.

In the year 1990 Prasad and the dear late Ruby Ponniah met this lady in her beautiful old stately bungalow near the famous Marina beach in Chennai. Those were the days of struggle, as Pathway was run in a rented premises in Adyar, and Prasad was feverishly trying to get hold of a piece of land to construct their own building. She joined them in a series of meetings with Manda Krishnamurthy a very well known ‘social worker’ who was in charge of the largest and oldest orphanage for girls in Chennai, the Avvai Home, and whose husband, Dr. Krishnamurthy, eminent oncological surgeon and chairman of the famous Cancer Institute, was the son of Dr Muthulakshmi Reddy, Free India’s first woman doctor. These meetings paved way for them to contribute the piece of land where the current Chennai building was built with fabulous support from Judge William Sheffield.

We greatly miss your kindness, benign presence and wise counselling. Thank you for your grand life and wonderful contribution!!!.