Featured Student: Shanthiya

Shanthiya is a cheerful, well-adjusted girl who recently completed the tenth grade at Pathway. At the age of eleven she was diagnosed with Ventral Septal Defect (“hole in the heart”). Director Spl. Projects, Sudha Subramaniam sought emergency cardiac care at a top hospital and helped this young girl to undergo open heart surgery, successfully obtaining total waiver of charges, and she is being monitored regularly”

Shanthiya now enjoys a normal life, is an excellent student, and (not surprisingly) would like to become a doctor. As she continues her education, she will live with her mother who is employed as a domestic servant. Pathway invites a supporting sponsor to assist with school fees.

Congratulating the Achievers

The year 2014 has been a good year for the children of Pamela Martinez/Pathway Matriculation School, climaxed by the fantastic news that all the students had passed the 10th standard examinations. It was delightful to hear the laughter and see the smiles of the children. Deepalakshmi and Lakshmanan, who had caused some concern, had also passed. It certainly called for celebrations.

It was interesting to see that girls had performed considerably better than the boys, as with the previous years’ rankings. Among the girls, Sathya received 83% for Pathway’s highest marks, while Aravinthan scored 78% to lead the boys.

All the children have done well against many odds, receiving excellent support from the teachers. The students had the opportunity to tackle several practice exams before the final government tests. This experience was spearheaded by Mrs. Sudha Subramaniam, who devised methods to make lessons interesting and to improve scores, introducing novel techniques and designs, being ably assisted by Principal Annadurai. The efforts of the teachers need to be praised as each one of them took upon themselves the responsibility to guide and goad each child to study and perform.

The gentle and loving Sathiya, who hails from quite a difficult background, did very well in all subjects, obtaining 83% in her aggregate, with more than 99% in science. It was a pleasure to see her delight and happiness. Sathiya wants to pursue her studies by joining Plus two and then study engineering and will need to do very well to achieve this goal. She has worked hard to develop many talents, including playing piano.

The soft-spoken Shantiya did well, getting high scores in all the subjects, with over 80% in four of her major subjects — mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology — despite the health challenges she has had (see “Featured Student” in this newsletter). Similarly Mercy (77%) also obtained very good marks in her all subjects.

This was a special time of jubilation as the students arrived one by one. It was touching to see the exchanges between the teachers and students, as all celebrated the success of their efforts. There were tears, both of happiness and sadness, as the children said their farewells and prepared to leave their Pathway home and felt both anxiety and excitement about the next steps they should take.

It was great to see Ezhilarasi, Gayathri, Manju, Mercy, Monisha , Sornamuki, Akash, Aravinthan and others assembling together with great joy writ all over their face.

Founder-Director of Pathway, A D S N Prasad congratulated the children and the teachers for this wonderful result. He counseled the children on the values of life that are much more important than just scholastic performance, that it is important to gain all-round excellence in life so that they can be great people of character first and then great citizens of India. He called on each one to follow a righteous path, outlining stories of very poor children who had succeeded in life, not only by studying hard but also by contributing to the welfare of the family and of society. Since all the children at the Pamela Martinez /Pathway School were first time school goers, he said that it was very important that they did well since they would be models to be emulated by generations to come. They need to be grateful to their alma mater and their teachers at all times. Dr. Prasad stressed that young Pathway graduates should excel in English as they proceed higher as it would be the passport for their future.
Mrs. Sudha Subramaniam addressed the children and the teachers and urged them to do well in their lives. She said that Pathway’s doors will always be open to them for any help they may need. She urged children to utilize this resource and benefit in every aspect in their lives. She reminded students how Pathway and the school had greatly influenced their lives, as there has been sea change not only in their appearance, growth, development but also in their total achievement and potential. Mrs. Chandra Prasad congratulated all the children and teachers and said that she was very proud of their performance and looked forward for their continued achievements in life and welcomed every one of them to contact Pathway at any time about their future needs.

Inauguration of Wisbaum Computer Lab

It was a wonderful day at the Pamela Martinez Matriculation school. There was great excitement written on the faces of children and staff. All were waiting with great expectation and anticipation in absolute silence, without taking their eyes off the large white screen. Principal Annadurai was very busy making last minute arrangements, checking quality of images on the screen and listening to the audio…. At the appointed time of 9:30 a.m. (IST) and 9 p.m. California time, there appeared beaming faces of two wonderful friends of Pathway, who were welcomed with a spontaneous round of applause by nearly a hundred children and staff who were thrilled to receive Keith Wisbaum and lovely daughter Mandi. The Wisbaums made their virtual presence via Skype and were received warmly by Prasad, Chandra Prasad, Sudha Subramaniam, Dhuli Patnaik, Annadurai and others at the entrance of the new computer lab. The youngest child at the occasion, Kavipriya, did the honours of ribbon cutting on behalf of Keith and Mandi. After the formal inauguration, the father and daughter were taken on a virtual tour of the lab where they were able to see several brand-new desk-top computers, some lap-tops, and sophisticated printers, all arranged neatly in an air-conditioned environment. They also witnessed several students operating the new systems which were connected by LAN.

A noted attorney from Laguna Beach who specializes in obtaining justice for elderly clients subjected to trauma and challenges, Keith Wisbaum said that he was delighted to participate in this novel event. He declared that that he and Mandi were thrilled to be a part of Pathway and contribute in this useful way and he wanted every child to benefit from this endeavour. Mandi said that she was very happy and missed Pathway and the children a lot. She promised that she and her faither would visit again.

Dr. Prasad and Chandra Prasad thanked Keith and Mandi for their generosity for granting this great gift that will benefit hundreds of children and requested their continued love and partnership. There was music and joy during this special occasion.