10th Grade Graduates!

The year 2013 has been a great one for the children of Pamela Martinez Pathway Matriculation School.  It was fantastic news that all the children had passed the 10th standard examinations. It was such a delightful moment to hear laughter and see the beaming faces of children as they received their scores. Even Manigandan and Bhavani, who were worried, had passed.  It certainly called for celebration.

It was interesting to see that girls had performed considerably better than the boys, which was the same trend throughout the state. While the highest mark obtained was 94% by Snekha, Praveen obtained 85%, being the highest amongst the boys. All the children did so well, in spite of their poor backgrounds, but of course they received great support by the teachers at the school. All the children had the opportunity of taking several sample tests before facing the final government examination, which was spearheaded by Mrs. Sudha Subramaniam and ably assisted by the Principal Mr. Annadurai. The efforts of the teachers need to be praised as each one of them took upon themselves the responsibility to guide and goad each of the children to study and perform.

The gentle and loving Snkeha who hails from quite a difficult background, did extremely well in all subjects, obtaining 94% in her aggregate, with more than 95% in each and every subject. It was really thrilling to see the delight and joy written all over her face. Snkeha wants to pursue her studies by joining Plus two and then studying medicine. She needs to do very well to achieve this goal.

The soft-spoken, affectionate and pleasant Esther really made the school proud by getting high scores in all the subjects.  She scored over 92% in four of her major subjects — mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology — and her marks in English were also quite good.   Similarly Ashika (91%) and Anushya (92%) also received very good marks in all subjects. As the results were announced, almost all the children were telephoning and contacting the school and Director Prasad. They were excited about the next step they should take.

At the Pamela Martinez School it was a time for jubilation as all children arrived one by one. It was really heartening to witness the exchange between the teachers and the students. There were many eyes moist with happiness of fulfillment, and satisfaction written on the faces of teachers that taught these children, as both had indeed toiled greatly.  It was also touching to see the seventeen students assembling together with great joy and happiness.

In a brief interaction with the children and the teachers A D S N Prasad congratulated the children and the teachers for these wonderful results.  He counseled the children about the values of life that are even more important than scholastic performance.  He said that it was important to gain all around excellence in life so that they can be great sons and daughters first and then great citizens of India.  He called on each one of the children to follow righteous paths.  He outlined success stories of very poor children who had succeeded in life, not only by studying hard but also contributing to the welfare of others.  He said that all the children at the Pamela Martinez /Pathway School were first time school goers and it was very important that they did well as they would be models to be emulated by generations to come.  He reminded them how Pathway and the school had brought such great changes in their lives, as there has been sea of change not only in their appearance, growth, and development but also in their total achievement. They need to be grateful to their alma mater and their teachers always. He advocated their excelling in English as they proceed higher, as it would be their passport for their future.  Mrs. Sudha Subramaniam also addressed the children and the teachers and urged them to do well in their lives. She said that Pathway’s doors will always be open to them for any help they may need. Mrs. Chandra Prasad congratulated all the children and teachers and said that she was very proud with their performance and looked forward for their continued achievements in life and welcomed every one of them to contact Pathway at any time for their future needs.

The children’s achievements were celebrated by a special overnight visit to a hotel in Chennai, which included a feast of their favorite foods.
(Editor’s note: By passing their 10th Standard government exams, all are eligible for further education beyond what is available on the Pathway campus. We invite Friends of Pathway who receive this newsletter, and friends of Friends, to become sponsors of individual students to support their needed fees and tuition so that they may continue to achieve their full academic potential.)
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(Editor’s note: By passing their 10th Standard government exams, all are eligible for further education beyond what is available on the Pathway campus. We invite Friends of Pathway who receive this newsletter, and friends of Friends, to become sponsors of individual students to support their needed fees and tuition so that they may continue to achieve their full academic potential.)

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10th Grade Graduates!
10th Grade Graduates!

TOP ROW:          
Suganti:  Serious but cheerful; aims to be a nurse
Snekha:  Bright and level-headed, self-motivated, with high aspirations to help others. Top marks in the class. Aims to be a doctor.
Praveen:  Smart and dedicated student with ready smile; always willing to volunteer to take assignments or answer questions
Padma:  Spunky and dramatic
Saran:  Social and enthusiastic, versatile
Maheshwari:  Shy, sweet girl of grace and beauty
Suriya:  Pleasant and helpful.  Likes to be where the action is.
Anushya:  Quiet and serious, hard-working student
Bhavani: Has grown from quiet, unsure girl to confident, happy young lady; hard worker
Vignesh:  Social, passionate, full of ideas, creative
Ashika: Expressive dancer, sweet, fun, open, helpful.  Enjoys small children.
Amudha:  Very artistic and creative; teacher of younger children
Vidhyabarathi:  Quiet, gentle soul with sweet singing voice and beautiful smile
Rajesh:  Playful, loyal friend who enjoys people
Anitha:  Shy, serious, studious girl
Esther:  Sweet, charming, generous-spirited girl who touches all with her smile and cheerful nature
Seetha:  True and trustworthy friend to all
Manigandon:  Gentle, soft-spoken young man who worked very hard.  Talented dancer.

Science and Environment Club

Science and Environment Club Field Trip
Science and Environment Club Field Trip

The students of Pamela Martinez/Pathway Agro Farm and Matriculation school have been demonstrating great interest in science as well as in the environment. This focus has been designed to stimulate the minds of the children with varied scientific exposure that would give them insights and also create a fun-filled activity that serves as recreation.   Their love for plants and greenery is well known, and each child has had the opportunity to learn about and to tend plants at the Agro Farm. This has taught vital aspects of nature, such as the growth of plants and trees and what they can produce.   Many of the children at the school have shown great interest in science.  This prompted establishing a Science and Environment Club.

The need for unique experiences for children that are both educational and recreational has been felt for quite some time. The children at the Pamela Martinez/Pathway Matriculation School were introduced to yet another novel project consisting of visiting places of interest where they would witness technology and science in action as well as spend time in a joyful manner.  The children selected for this programme were drawn from across various standards of the school. The criteria of selection was clearly announced by the vice principal Annaduri during the morning assembly. The criteria included simple things, such as all around positive performance by the children, willingness to be obedient, and discipline in their everyday lives.

This club was formally inaugurated by the founder-director of Pathway, A D S N Prasad. He urged upon the children to keep their eyes and ears open at all times so that they would have an opportunity to learn about everything around them as well as principles of science. He desired the children to have an attitude of enquiry so that their minds can actively analyze scientific material.

Science and Environment Club Field Trip
Science and Environment Club Field Trip

For the first project of the club twenty-two children, both boys and girls, from 6th to 10th grade were selected. They were briefed by Dhanasekaran, science teacher, and Annadurai, principal, who accompanied them on a visit to the large water pumping and conservation project of the government of Tamil Nadu at Maduranthakam Lake. This is one of the oldest bodies of water in the area, which serves many towns and villages with water used both for irrigation and drinking. The science teacher described the history of the project which went back to British India. He described how the water pumping station was installed. The children were taken for a tour of various irrigational facilities and shown giant-sized pumps and motors, large storage tanks, and mixing bins that are installed to supply the potable water. They were shown how chlorine was added to the water as a disinfectant.  All the children were encouraged to draw pictures of the equipment seen at the unit and also to write about what they witnessed. The children were also shown various fauna and flora that were present in the water, including giant tortoises and fishes.

This visit gave great insight to the children regarding the working of water pumps and the process of supplying water to towns and villages as well as the treatment of water.  The project stimulated the children’s understanding and thinking about the working of various similar equipment that is used in everyday life.  By the end of the day the children felt this had been a very worthwhile experience that was both informative and entertaining, as they enjoyed the visit as a picnic of sorts.




With pride and excitement the Pathway directors and staff recently greeted Swathi, who graduated from Pamela Martinez Matriculation School in 2009.  A very good student, Swathi completed high school at nearby St. Joseph’s Catholic School and then earned an engineering seat at the Siva Institute of Frontier Technology in Chennai, without fancy fees.  She is pursuing an engineering course in electronics and communications, having already successfully completed three semesters.  Seeing her transformation from a shy, self-conscious girl to a young woman of confidence and self-assurance is delightful.  Swathi has strong spiritual convictions and values and is grateful to Pathway for helping her gain good habits.  She is now joined in Chennai by her brother Praveen, a promising student who graduated from tenth grade at Pathway last month.