N. VigneshRigorous study is now the focus of N. Vignesh, a tenth grade student at Pathway.  Having come to Pathway in 2002 at the age of five years, Vignesh has become serious about planning for his future.  A strong math student with a flair for art, Vignesh looks to a possible career as an aquatic researcher.  He is most grateful to Pathway for having given him the chance to receive an education , to learn English, and to “discover my talents.”

An enthusiastic and well-spoken young man who speaks with conviction and passion about history and politics. Vignesh and his friend Praveen, also in tenth grade, worked together on both the wind farm and the “smoking volcano” in the model city recently constructed by Pathway students and teachers.   “I learned how volcanoes can destroy everything,” he reported.  “I also learned how difficult and important it is to get power from nature and how the things we do now will affect future generations.”

Model City Constructed at Pathway

There is a new energy-efficient city in the lab of the Pamela Martinez Pathway School.  Teachers and students alike worked tirelessly for a couple of weeks, preparing an exhibit of about two dozen scale-model displays, using recycled materials wherever possible.  Fences were made of parts of old pens, and discarded notebooks became papier mache.  The display illustrated the principles of science, such as the germination of seeds, as well as the conservation and efficient use of energy, such as rain water harvesting, a thermal power station, and a model house.  The three-day exhibition was under the direction of vice-principal Annadurai and was initiated by Sudha Subramaniam, director of special projects.  Many of the pieces will be used in future competitions and displays.  The projects started with vigorous and intense discussion as students met to plan their displays under the direction of their classroom teachers.  Creating the models involved imagination and artistic talents as well as understanding and working together.


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